Restaurant Sales Forecasting

What is Sales Temperature and how does it work?

Sales Temperature allows retail businesses to know their daily sales and customer counts prior to opening their doors. This is accomplished by providing an accurate daily sales and/or tickets forecast, built on a state-of-the-art Machine Learning platform. Sales Temperature's forecasting engine is the same technology used by Amazon to suggest your next purchase, Netflix to figure out what you might like to binge watch next, or Google to optimize your search results.

The combination of internal performance data with key historic and projected consumer-impacting external variables including weather, local gas prices, local unemployment rates and consumer confidence numbers allows Sales Temperature's Machine Learning tool to get smarter and more accurate over time. Recognizing, for example, that a specific retail location may be busy on Tuesday when the weather is below 50 degrees or on a Saturday sales are soft if there is significant cloud coverage.

Who uses Sales Temperature and how do they use it?

Retail business owners, operators, and on premise managers are the primary users of Sales Temperature forecasts. Customers receive a daily 14-day sales and/or tickets forecast. With instant access to an accurate forecast, Sales Temperature users can save time on the burdensome task of employee scheduling and manage their labor costs with more confidence.

What sets Sales Temperature apart?

Sales Temperature
  • Machine learning
  • Continuous improvement
  • Advanced data science
  • Integration of key consumer data
  • Weather data integration: historic and forecast
  • Accuracy tracking
  • Adjustable by the user
  • Instant access
Other Forecast Methods
  • Estimating / Excel
  • Static / based on averages
  • Subject to human error/bias
  • Overly reliant on historic trends
  • Minimal understanding of the impact of weather
  • Limited responsibility if forecast is wrong
  • Black box
  • Lost in spreadsheets

What does Sales Temperature deliver?

  • Daily sales forecast
  • Daily labor hours forecast
  • Daily tickets forecast
  • Daily labor costs forecast

What sets Sales Temperature apart?

Average Annual Savings per Location
  • $8,000 in hourly labor costs*
  • $1,200 in store manager time **
Annual Cost per Location
  • $420 - $780
* Based on recent case study with an average hourly labor costs of $10.00 per hour - Open 7 days a week and 11 hours per day
** Assumes one hour per week of forecast planning by store manager.
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