Sales Temperature delivers small businesses highly accurate forecasting tool to significantly improve margins

Machine learning technology gives small businesses a data scientist at their fingertips

DENVER, April 26, 2017

Small businesses now have a new tool that dramatically improves sales forecasting, helping them significantly save on time, operations and staffing costs. The new Sales Temperature tool gives businesses a highly accurate dashboard of their daily revenue, customer count and staffing needs right at their fingertips in one simple-to-use and affordable software application.

The tool is 30% more effective at daily revenue and customer forecasting than traditional methods because Sales Temperature uses more than historical data to forecast. It leverages machine learning to integrate a variety of factors, including the day of the week, the weather, current events/holidays and other outside influences to more precisely forecast a business' week than common forecasting methods which mostly rely on past information. Retailers including clothing stores, quick-service restaurants, automotive service companies and franchisees can easily implement this simple-to-use mobile software application to see a daily forecast of number of customers, revenue and staffing needs up to 14 days in advance.

Because Sales Temperature forecasts are so accurate, more than 100 businesses including the owners of major national franchises, are already using this new-to-market tool to improve their stores' bottom lines.

"As a former franchise owner myself, I know that small businesses operate on extremely thin margins, and therefore even small errors in forecasting can make a significant difference on the bottom line," said Jeff Wadsworth, co-founder of Sales Temperature. "Everything from staffing levels to ensuring enough product is available to meet customer demand relies on accurate forecasting. Sales Temperature gives small businesses the tools they need to better predict and operate their businesses for increased margins, extensive time saving, better service and more predictable revenue."

Because Sales Temperature relies on machine learning to combine a variety of factors, the technology becomes more intelligent the longer a business uses it. In addition to the historical data that each business uploads into the software, Sales Temperature interprets the data coupled with predicted events, including upcoming weather forecasts, and more.

"Using Sales Temperature has allowed us to more effectively staff our shop so that we are ready for the big spikes, and we can conserve costs when business is slow," said Allison Henderson, owner of a Cold Stone Creamery franchise in Lakewood, Colorado. "Even after twenty years of owning our business, I spent hours every month trying to determine our staffing and inventory needs based on what happened last month or last year, and now I have a much more accurate forecast at my fingertips every morning. Sales Temperature has saved me time and money and I'm continually impressed by how easy and accurate it is."

Sales Temperature is available nationwide and is simple to use and implement. Its extremely low monthly fee makes it accessible and practical for even the smallest of businesses, yet its powerful analytics are also effective for multi-location businesses. Sales Temperature is offering a free 30-day trial for new businesses that wish to test its effectiveness and accuracy.

About Sales Temperature

Based in Denver, Sales Temperature is a Microsoft BizSpark partner that leverages machine learning to integrate localized weather forecasts and other external factors to deliver a highly accurate and powerful small business-forecasting tool. The cloud-based Azure technology is simple to use and cost-effective, and helps businesses significantly reduce their staffing and operations costs and save extensive managerial time.