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Easy to use, accurate retail sales forecasting.

Why Sales Temperature?

Because better retail sales forecasting drives better retail performance.

Easy To Use

Lose the spreadsheets. Just setup your location and provide historical sales data to start receiving your customized 14-day sales forecast. Instantly.


By combining your historical sales data and our external data sources, our algorithms are able to provide you with the most accurate forecast available.


Instant access to future sales information creates informed decision-making. Manage costs with higher confidence and increase profitability.

Restaurant Sales Forecasting

How it Works

Finding the sources of past retail performance and applying to the future.

Sales Temperature studies the following inputs and discovers their impact on your retail business's sales.
  • Day | Week | Month | Year
  • Local Unemployment
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Local Weather
  • Local Gas Price
  • Holidays
Set key performance goals for specific locations.
  • Monthly Labor Targets
  • Daily Sales Targets
  • Minimum Labor Hours
  • Forecast Dollars or Tickets
  • Forecast Adjustments
  • Maximum Labor Hours
Quick, easy setup and ready access to the information needed to make better informed decisions with higher confidence.
  • Daily Sales Notifications
  • Multi-Year Sales Upload
  • Forecast Summary
  • Daily Forecast Notifications
  • Unlimited Users
  • Accuracy Tracking

Retail Categories

Sales Temperature provides a better forecast no matter what the retail category.

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Explore how Sales Temperature can help you better manage your retail business.

Cloud Based

No spreadsheets to update, maintain or share

Machine Learning

A proven, industry-leading artificial intelligence platform


Continuously improving with integration of new sales and external data sets

Easy to Use

Quick setup along with daily emails and an intuitive web app


Straightforward dashboard to instantly visualize performance


Better budget management, improved inventory management and lower labor costs


Affordable, Simple, Straightforward

Choose the right plan based on your retail business needs.


$20per location - per month

  • UnlimitedUsers
  • SalesDashboard
  • ForecastTracking
  • Custom7-Day Sales Forecast
30 Days free Trial


$35per location - per month

  • Essentialplus...
  • Custom14-Day Sales Forecast
  • MultipleLocation Summary
  • MultipleForecasting Models
30 Days free Trial


$65per location - per month

  • AdvancedPlus...
  • Extended30 to 90 Day Sales Forecast
  • MultipleProduct Forecasting
  • SchedulingSystem Integration
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Coffee and Ice Cream Sales Forecasting

Our Story

The idea for Sales Temperature began 20 years ago when founder Jeff Wadsworth and his family purchased the first of two retail franchises. Shortly after the first grand opening, Jeff realized how important an accurate sales forecast would be to the success of their business. He set out to build the best excel spreadsheet the retail industry had ever seen. That effort was put on hold while Jeff spent the next 15 years building forecasting software for energy companies, during which time he worked with early Machine Learning tools. Jeff's wife continued to run the franchises and he watched her struggle to accurately forecast sales for upcoming labor scheduling and purchasing needs. Jeff realized that there must be a better solution and it was possible with Machine Learning! Sales Temperature was then born with the goal of providing:

  • Daily Sales Forecast
  • Daily Customer Count
  • Daily Labor Costs
  • Daily Schedule Hours

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