How does weather impact your sales?

Retail Forecasting driven by Artificial Intelligence

The Sales Temperature AI Platform

Our AI platform combines weather data with other key external variables and location specific information. Customer volume data such as daily tickets and daily sales combined with historic weather data is used to study customer behavior and predict future sales. All locations within a specific Data Co-op contribute to the system's overall accuracy; the more crowdsourced data the more accurate the forecasts.

Easy To Use

Lose the spreadsheets. Setup your location, upload historical data and instantly understand the impact of weather on your retail sales and receive a free customized 7-day sales forecast!


The AI platform analyzes massive volumes of data across each category. Every location within each Data Co-Op contributes to accuracy of the forecast and the Weather Impact Calculator.


Instant access to weather impact information creates informed decision-making. Understanding future customer volumes helps manage costs and focus marketing activities.

Data Co-ops

More Data Drives Better Results

The Sales Temperature Artificial Intelligence platform learns as it analyzes additional information, the more data the better! Join a Data Co-op and you will benefit from more accurate forecasts while helping others in the Co-op as well. In return, we'll show you how weather impacts your sales and how your performance and key metrics compare to the overall Data Co-op. Don't worry, we keep all your data confidential.


7-Day FREE Forecast

Retail Categories

7-Day FREE Forecast


7-Day FREE Forecast
Weather Impact

Quantify the Daily Weather Impact

Weather has an impact on every retail business. The Sales Temperature Weather Impact Calculator quantifies this impact and categorizes it based on day of the week and month of the year.

Temperature Impact

Indicates average sales for any specified temperature range.

Day of Week Impact

Specifies weather and precipitation effect on each day of the week.

Performance Grouping

Dynamically generates performance groupings based on temperature ranges.

Precipitation Impact

Accurately accounts for the influence of precipitation on daily activity

Monthly Impact

Integrates seasonality with weather for every month of the year.

Automatic Analysis

Automatically analyzes and re-calculates results based on every new data point.


FREE 7-Day Daily Forecast

Every location receives a 7-Day sales and/or tickets forecast. All forecasts combine daily historical weather data and location specific performance data with current weather predictions to produce a highly accurate 7-Day forecast. And it's completely FREE!

Daily Forecasts

Daily forecasts emailed to all entitled users each and every morning.

Customer Counts

All forecasts include daily customer volumes for each specific location.

Labor Costs

Forecasted daily labor costs based on targeted annual or monthly performance goals.

Daily Sales Forecasts

Regional Forecast

Create custom regions and combine multiple locations into one forecast report.

Hours Scheduled

Suggested number of daily labor hours to be scheduled based on sales forecast.

Weather Updates

Connected to live weather forecasts for continually accurate and up to date forecasts.


Track Daily Accuracy

Track forecast accuracy for each location. Interactive chart illustrates actual performance numbers versus Sales Temperature forecasted numbers.

Daily Accuracy

View the forecast performance on specific days as well as overall average daily forecast accuracy.

Actual Sales

View cumulative actual sales over selected time period.

Multiple Forecast Intervals

Compare day before forecast performance and forecasts for seven days before actual.

Daily Sales Forecast Accuracy

Cumulative Accuracy

View performance from a specific time period as well as overall cumulative forecast accuracy.

Forecast Sales

View cumulative forecast sales over selected time period.

Select Period

Specify the number of prior days included for comparison purposes.


Prior Period Weather Comparison

Compare upcoming weather and sales forecasts to similar prior periods (last week, last month and last year) to better understand how the expected upcoming weather will impact sales.

Prior Periods

Select prior period to compare to current sales and weather forecast.

Sales Forecast

View current sales forecast in-line with current weather forecast.

Monthly Sales Average

Compare sales forecast to anticipated sales average for current month.

Sales Forecast Previous Period Comparison


Compare prior period sales performance to current sales forecast.

Weather Forecast

View current weather forecast in-line with current sales forecast.


Identify the forecasted days with precipitation compared to prior periods.

Restaurant Sales Forecasting API

Sales Temperature API

Connect and integrate your Sales Temperature Forecasts with your favorite 3rd party applications.

  • Microsoft Excel
  • BI Applications
  • Inventory Applications
  • Google Sheets
  • Scheduling Applications
  • POS


Unique Data Co-ops


Daily Data Points Analyzed


Monthly New Location Growth

Enterprise Weather Impact Sales Forecasting


System wide historic and projected weather impact analysis.

Isolate and quantify forecasted or historical weather impact for each individual location or all locations.
  • Weather Impact
  • Percentage Impact
  • Highest Impact
  • Non-Weather Impact
  • Dollar Impact
  • Lowest Impact
Analyze the impact of weather yesterday, today and tomorrow for each individual location or all locations.
  • Date Range Selection
  • Current Condition Sales
  • Accuracy Tracking
  • Regional, State, City Selection
  • Average Condition Sales
  • Live Weather Feeds
Continuously analyzing new data inputs and prior forecasts to determine accurate daily forecasts.
  • Predicted Customer Counts
  • Weather Integration
  • Multiple Products
  • Predicted Revenue
  • Variance Tracking
  • Live Updates
Quickly build integrations that leverage your daily forecasts and isolated weather impact.
  • BI Application Integration
  • Multiple End Point Selection
  • JSON or XML
  • Excel Integration
  • ERP Integration

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